A unique combination of legal services from a veteran practitioner with a long history in several areas of law.

The law offices of Robert Baldori & Associates offers a unique combination of legal services from a veteran practitioner with a long history in several areas of law.

These areas include contract negotiations in the entertainment industry, high tech startups and business law, criminal defense and drug forfeiture, as well as, estate and trust law and bankruptcy.





In the 1980s, Mr. Baldori became active in the movement to decriminalize “controlled substances” and since has devoted many pro bono hours advocating progressive reform of this country’s destructive drug laws. During this period Mr. Baldori joined the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, specializing in drug forfeiture and search and seizure law. He has also been a member of the NACDL prosecutorial misconduct task force. He handled one of the principal defendant’s in U.S. v. Marshank , an infamous case of government overreach in the prosecution of drug crimes.  He has been at the forefront of the movement to legalize all “controlled” substance.  See LEGALIZE

Bob Baldori started negotiating contracts in the entertainment business in the 1960’s, before he was an attorney. His first major record contract was with ABC Dunhill when it was run by Lew Adler, then the number one record producer in the country. Subsequently, Mr. Baldori was the first independent record producer to negotiate a relationship with Motown Records, as well as representing artists and other producers in countless record distribution deals. Eventually, Mr. Baldori became a senior director at MS Distributing in Chicago when it was the number one independent distributor of audio and video in the world.

Bob Baldori & George R.R Martin - Santa Fe, NM

Mr. Baldori has also devoted a significant part of his legal career to negotiating contracts in the “high tech startup” field. He organized the initial startup of Linuxcare with three entrepeneurs in Palo Alto, a company that went on to be funded in excess of $40 million by Credit Suisse First Boston. Since the 1990s Mr. Baldori has represented dozens of startups, providing a unique combination of experience as a negotiator and an entrepreneur.

Mr. Baldori is also a certified mediator and his office provides facilitative mediation services for many mid-Michigan jurisdictions.

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